An Introduction

I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a blog for several months.

It’s not an idea I had during my free time or something I’ve especially enjoyed doing over the years–the only reason I considered it was because my friend started one and was tapped rather speedily to do critical reviews of video games, DVDs and whatever other stuff his sponsor shovels his way. As a writer with an MA in English and a cramped armpit of an apartment in Huntington, WV, my job opportunities are limited; options range from file clerk to unsavory hobo. It seems a good idea to get my voice out there so when I move to a more lucrative area, I have something to prove my skills (so as to pay da bills).

When I maintained a Myspace blog several years ago I was churning out post after embittered post about tropical birds keeping me awake or some fat lady in a zebra print dress asking for an absurd plant in a bookstore. I lack the energy to keep up that bitterness nowadays. Instead, this blog will cover travel, movies, music, literature, and whatever other crap I feel like musing over. Don’t expect an intimate window into my soul or any dramatic inter-blogosphere junk on here. Hyperbole is dropped at the door; what you’re getting is my reflections on…whatever. To start us out, I have the beginnings of a trip report I went on about a month ago. I would give a description of myself first, but the trip report does a good enough job of that, whether it be through Dracula, Zombies, the connection between spatiality and mentality, or my crappy radio. Hope you enjoy.


One response to “An Introduction

  1. Okay, I’m still reading and will probably leave more comments later, but for now, let me say how very English-major it is of you to perch your gelato atop _Things Fall Apart_.

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